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For us, family comes first. It's our main inspiration in this journey we're on, and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. 

My name is Lori and I live in Denver, Colorado with the love of my life husband of 23 years and 4 teenage children (where did the time go?!) We all agree we live in the best place on earth and on any weekend (when nearly grown teenagers aren’t working at their jobs or hanging out with friends) you will find us skiing the slopes in Breckenridge or taking in a hike for my very much needed dose of mountain air!



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A few fun facts about me:

When I’m not taking pictures, editing pictures, or thinking about making pictures, you will find me in the gym. Fitness has been a huge part of my life for the last 17 years, ever since I had my second baby and I decided I needed to lose my unwanted baby weight. In fact before I picked up a camera I was even studying to be a personal trainer! Call me crazy but the smell of the gym, the feel of cold dumbbells in my hands, pushing myself as far as I can go and then hobbling out…yeah, I love that feeling.


Authenticity is my middle name

Well, not really. But it is what makes me passionate about what I do. I crave        …real connections, real emotions, and no BS. If you can be real with me, be vulnerable with me about your hurts and your heart, then we will probably be friends! And I promise you, I will listen and understand because no matter what you have walked, I can assure you I feel you. Which leads me to my next fact….


I'm an empath.

Yeah. As an enneagram lover I’ve discovered I’m a 4. All that means is I experience a deep range of every emotion. Its a double edged sword some days, but mostly its what allows me to connect with YOU! I will feel your joy, your hurt and everything in between! It’s what allows me to make the photographs where you FEEL something when you look at them. And THAT is what fills my heart to overflowing….feeling you, when YOU feel!


Ok, so some not so feely stuff haha…

I hate to cook. But my husband loves to so its a win win! Mexican and then pizza please. Also, I love whisky and wine, probably in that order. 


I’m a procrastinator.

A looming project, yeah that can wait. In fact if you’re reading this, my website has been in the works for 2 years now ha! But one thing I’ve learned in my life is all the important stuff always gets done in the exact time its supposed to because life is about the journey, not the speed in which you do things. Where I am now is in perfect timing with your reading this, getting to know me. I hope we can be friends, but better yet, I hope to show you that you are not alone and that together we can make beautiful memories come to life…..

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